SisBoom Upcycle: Marlo

Summer is officially here!  The summer solstice has come and gone and boy was it a LONG day! I swear my children didn’t go to sleep until 10pm and there was still flickers of light then.  PHEW! But summer mean lots of time outside and at the beach.  Here in San Diego, it is very common to spend all day at the beach then roll up to your favorite taco shop/bar still in your bikini with a cute cover.  Sippin’ on your favorite adult beverage while glistening from your day long tanning session is the pinnacle of every girl’s dream.  Speaking of which, I will be in Cancun at the end of July for my sister in laws wedding.  I anticipate 4 days of this perfect dream so I definitely needed a new, adorable swimsuit cover.

SisBoom is hosting an upcycle blog tour challenge.  And just like that, the solution to my problem fell into my lap.  My little mini me and I hopped down the street to one of my favorite thrift stores, the Cerebral Palsy store, to hunt around for that perfect treasure. Cookie discovered this bright orange maxi dress.  I don’t think this dress was ever actually worn.  There are no signs of wear or washing.  NWOT for $12.99!

Things I like about this dress
1.  Bold color that is not currently living in my closet
2. XX LONG-lots of fabric to work with
3. LACE stripes
4.  It’s a super soft KNIT

I used Sisboom’s Marlo.  (You may want to pin the off the shoulder tutorial that Jeanine did.)

I lined up the front and back pieces with the bottom of the dress to maintain the lace stripes.
I had to cut 3 strips of fabric in order to make the shoulder ruffle.  The seams are pretty well hidden in the ruffle and I don’t think it’s too noticeable. I didn’t make any modifications since I used knit fabric.  Though, if it were going to be a real world, go to the grocery store dress, I would take in the waist a little bit.  I also wouldn’t use a lace stripe fabric that showed ALL the goodies!. HA

You can wear Marlo off the shoulder, knot it on the side for a shirt, or wear the ruffle on the shoulder.  Marlo would also be completely amazing as a maxi dress.

Remember how I said the original dress was XX long?  After I cut the dress and the ruffle strips, I still have the top of the dress left which I will use as a weight lifting crop-tank.  Sa-weet!  2 for 1!

Which SisBoom pattern will you upcycle this summer?