SisBoom Angie goes Hawaiian

One of my favorite dresses is SisBoom Angie.  It’s a simple scoop neck, sleeveless dress with a gathered skirt.
It has a slightly elasticized back bodice allowing it to slip on.  No zippers, no buttons!

I am definitely not the only seamstress who loves Angie.  This week SisBoom is sponsoring a blog tour of Angie hacks!

First, I picked my fabric.  The fabric will tell you the pattern/style it wants to be.
I had 1 lovely extra wide yard of Hawaiian print I picked up at Fabric Mart in Waikiki. 

Fabric Mart is a massive 2 story shop-about a 2 mile walk from the beach.  Totally worth that walk.
I left with several yards of fabric and coconut buttons (buttons made from coconut shells) for less than $50.
I sneaked this pic while I was shopping.  They didn’t seem like the type of people okay with me taking pictures of their fabric.

So, my Angie dress.
Strappy is SO in right now.  Crisscross strappy is even MORE in right now.
Circle skirts are flattering on everyone.
Cleavage is hot.

I took these 3 truths and went forward.

I cut off the top of the front bodice and made a slight sweetheart.
I used the SisBoom Bonnie circle skirt for the skirt and did a narrow rolled hem.
It’s the only way to hem a circle skirt that won’t lead you to drinking a Mai Tai.

I put in a zipper to help with getting it on.  I still put elastic through out the entire bodice width to shape at the waist as much as possible.
In Italy, I bought this amazing leather Obi belt.  I swear this thing matches EVERYTHING, including my new Hawaiian Angie.

The back bodice was significantly shaved down to almost nothing. The back is my favorite,
but it’s pasties or nothing with this dress. Good thing San Diegians find no bra appropriate.
Summery, fun!