Wolf and the Tree SOCKS

7 weeks ago I made socks!  Ha!  I made 4 pairs of socks, actually.  The adult pattern is The Wolf and the Tree Going Rouge socks and the child version is The Wolf and the Tree Trailblazing socks.

Above is (left to right): Bees, Me, and Cookie all modeling Waldo socks.

Both the adult and child versions have options for:
Bobby socks
Simple socks (calf, knee and above the knee heights)
Leg warmers
Elastic or banded cuff or trim
French seam option

The children version is sizes 0-14 and also has a baby leg option.

The adult version is unisex with sizes 0-32 Women and 8-17 Men. There is also a heel option.

Both of the above socks are the adult size one with a heel and one without. Both have the banded cuff.


Here is the heel and non-heel on.

These socks are perfect for all the knit scraps and I think I had all 4 pairs sewn up in an hour or so.  There are options for 2 way or 4 way stretch knits.  I did 4 way knit.  The size is definitely roomy.  If I were going to make tight knee highs, I would probably size down to be snug and use an extra stretchy 4 way knit.

Modeling the non-heeled option.

And the heeled option

I’m not sure if I prefer the heel or non-heel.  I like both equally.  The non-heel is faster to sew and less to cut, but the heeled verion is more socklike. So yea, no preference either way.  If it ever actually got cold here in SoCal, I’d make a ton of thigh highs to wear under jeans or instead of leggings.
The Cookies and Bees though our matching socks were HILARIOUS. Which they are.