SisBoom Holiday Marco Dress


Hopefully you’ve been following along with the SisBoom Holiday tour.  If you’re behind, click on the links above to see what the other Jones have been doing.

I purchased the Marco shirt on August 6, 2013 (according to Etsy).  More than 3 years ago! And I’ve never made it.  (I should really look through my pattern collection to see what other gems are sitting unused and abused.)

Marco isn’t a traditional holiday dress, but that is what I like most about it.


The olive drab green and creamy white flannel coordinate with the Christmas-y spirit yet I can still wear it all through the winter season.
I bought the fabric from Joann Fabric who knows how long ago, probably when I bought the pattern.
I have about 2/3 yard left which I think I’ll use to make a Swoon Betty with.


It’s not exactly winter here in SoCal but the mornings and evenings are cool so I slip on leggings or skinny jeans.
I think I look pretty damn hot.  My husband agrees!


15 button holes seemed daunting and I really didn’t want to do that many!  Pearl snaps were the best solution.  It took maybe 20 minutes to set those snaps.  Much better than the very possible 2 hours of button-holing. Stab me in the eye!


So, how did I made the men’s Marco shirt into a dress?
Carla C’s instructions make it SO easy. The pattern has finished measurements for the shirt length and the sleeve length.

I looked at the measurement charts for everything and picked the size based on my bust and hips and arms.
The shortest sleeve length is still pretty long and you will probably have to shorten it a little bit more.  I have ridiculously long knuckle dragger arms so the shortest sleeve length works for me.

For the dress length, I chose the finished length of 37″ (I’m 5′  6″-all legs), but the pattern has as short as 28″.
Pick your length depending on the type of party you’re going to.  28″ would be ideal for New Years Eve!

The only changes I made were taking in the waist and making belt loops/belt. Oh, and I did two front breast pockets (pocket is a pattern piece).

It was honestly that simple.
Button plackets and cuffs/cuff plackets appear intimidating.  However, Carla C explains every single step in a manner you can understand and accomplish.
The dress probably took me 4-5 hours.  Really not that long for a customized dress.


Do you want the Marco pattern?  Leave a comment with which fabric you’d use to make a Marco dress.

I’ll pick a random winner the day after the blog tour ends!