Halloween Dress

Halloween might be my favorite holiday.  I love witches, vampires, ghouls, and all other spooky things.

Way back in July, I bought 5 yards of this Nightmare Before Christmas fabric thinking both of my children would like to have mommy and me matching dresses.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Maybe next year?  Probably not.

I carried on with my Halloween dress.  I used Mouse House Creations Caroline dress because I love the princess seams and it has sleeves. mhc-halloween-header

You might be thinking “oh wow, your pictures just got like 100% better”.  That’s because I have a new photographer!  In July, a new neighbor moved in who likes to take pictures.  I still owe her for these photos.  I think I will make her brownies with the Halloween candy.

For the dress, I made a pleated skirt and added knit cuffs to the sleeves


Tonight I will wear my dress and paint my face like Jack Skellington.  Boom.  costume.


I also got my hair done recently.  She stacked it, toned it, and showed me how to achieve sexy beach waves.  Looks damn good.


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