Duck Butt Designs Panel Pocket Tee



Last month for my birthday, a lovely friend of mine mailed me several knit panels.  In the past, I have pieced the panel and other fabric together in order to cut out a shirt or dress for the girls.  I feel like such a chump because this whole time, Duck Butt Designs has had a Panel Pocket Tee pattern. Duck Butt actually has several panel patterns: Women, Doll, and Bundle.

How F-BOMB perfect are these shirts?


I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the instructions other than checking the seam allowance. However, I did notice there is no measurement chart for the neckband.  The instructions do tell you how to math it out to get the correct length.  It’s simple algebra, but not something I was expecting to do.

For Cookies, I extended the shirt and omitted the bottom band.  I kept the bottom band for Bees to see what it looks like.  I like both ways.  Remember, if you extend the shirt, you must extend the front and back panels, the side panels and the pocket pieces.


I had both shirts cut out and sewn up in about 3 hours. This is a good beginner knit pattern. I use my serger for all knit seams and top stitch all bands.  The hardest part was deciding on the right fabric for each piece.  I LOURVE the stripes with Bee’s Anchor Panel.  You can get the Anchor panel from True North Fabrics.  I don’t know where my friend got the princess panel from.


It was super sunny the morning we took these pictures.  I hoped the sunglasses would solve the squinting issue, but it only played apart in not taking photos seriously.  Plus, this is a cliff down to the sand.  The girls must always stand right on the edge and then trip over their flip flops causing me heart attack after heart attack.



These are cool kids right here.



The Panel Pocket Tee is definitely unisex. Get your retail therapy on, buy panels, the pattern, and get sewing!