Dolls and Daydreams Eco Friendly Dollhouse


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Something different today, but still comes from a sewing pattern maker!  Dolls and Daydreams makes doll sewing patterns, but I stumbled across this Eco Friendly Dollhouse pattern made from a cardboard box.  Isn’t it FREAKING adorable?!

You can find the:
House Pattern
House Printable
School Printable
Barn Printable

It took me 2.5 hours to make the first house.  Mostly because I was trying not to cut my fingers off with the Xacto knife.  But the school only took an hour and half. I have not yet purchased the barn printable yet, though I will because my girls are playing with these for hours on end.

dollhouse collage1

When I made the house, I just glued the outside printables directly on the cardboard.  I wasn’t feelin’ that, so with the school, I cut squares of white paper for the outside walls then put the accessories on top. I like it much better.  Next time, I’ll do the same thing for the back of the house too.

The pieces all fit together with various slits cut into the cardboard pieces.  The house fits snuggly together.  The bottom does fall off with too much movement, so I hot glued the bottom on.  We haven’t had any earthquakes happen.

dollhouse collage2
We have a plethora of Littlest Pet Shop, Minnie Mouse, and other tiny things that are perfect for these houses.  So many times I have considered buying a $100+ dollhouse for the girls. This is just one more reason why my Amazon Prime membership has paid off.

Photo Aug 02, 10 41 51 AM

The girls have played with these everyday since I have made them.  It makes me so happy most because they have never been doll players before.  I think mostly they love these because they are different but they each get to have their only little house when playing.  It avoids 50% of potential arguments.
Even I sit down and play with them-more the reason for me to buy the barn printable so I have my own little house too!