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School begins for us next Monday!  Ali is in 1st grade and Madeleine has one more year of preschool.  One more year until COMPLETE FREEDOM. O.M.G!

SisBoom has over 40 sewing patterns for girls, boys, women, and men whether it’s for school or play (or work).

*Read to the end for a giveaway*


Ali is donning Sally.  The bodice is color blocked, mostly because I didn’t have enough of the Tula Pink Lotus fabric left.  Plus, it turned out pretty darn cool.  In the past, I have lined the Sally bodice and omitted the neck and arm binding.  But this time I did not line and used grey bias binding.  Sally also includes an optional sash and there is a tutorial on how to add pockets.  Sally is the girl’s version of Angie, which is one of my go-to dress patterns for meself.   Sally is a great back to school wardrobe choice.  She slips over the head and is playable, run-able, and monkey bar-able.



Cookie wears Kelsey-the newest girls Sisboom pattern.  Her Kelsey has a knit bodice and ruffle and woven skirt.  The woven is Cotton + Steel Cat Lady by Sarah Watts.  I drafted and added a back bodice to Kelsey and made the straps elasticized.  I have a very quick tutorial below on how I made the bodice.  I really love how this Kelsey turned out!  It might be my favorite dress she has in her closet.
Kelsey is excellent for summer.  Pair with a cardigan and leggings, it will take her into the fall and winter.


Aren’t they adorable?


Now for a very quick tutorial on the changes I made to Kelsey. The pictures aren’t very good (didn’t plan ahead for this tutorial) but hopefully I will be able to explain the changes well enough.
First, you will need to cut the 2 skirt pieces the same size-the measurements that Front Skirt calls for. Don’t cut anything else for now.

IMG_6946I traced the front bodice on my tracing paper, then flipped the pattern piece over, aligning the bottom edge and tracing the top again.
You will need to cut 4 of the front bodice pieces (2 mirrored images if your fabric is one sided) and 2 of the new back bodice piece.  The back bodice is piece 1 piece-meaning don’t cut along that diagonal line through the bodice, just the little V at the top and around the entire piece.


The straps- I measured her from where I wanted the top of the front bodice to begin and where I wanted the top of the back bodice.  I took that measurement and added 1″ for my seam allowance.  I used 1/2″ elastic, so I cut my strap fabric 2″ wide by 2x the length of my elastic length before I added the seam allowance. You will need 2 of those strap fabrics. Right sides together, I sewed a tube with 3/8″ seam allowance.  This gives the 1/4″ elastic a little bit more than 1/2″ wide tube to wiggle through. Put a safety pin on one end of elastic and thread it through one of the tubes-as above.




When the end of the elastic is even with the end of the tube, sew along the end at 1/4″.


Keep pulling the elastic through the tube, pull the elastic even with the other end of the tube and sew at 1/4″.


You will  assemble the front bodice as per the pattern instructions.   Now, attached the other ends of the straps to the back bodice.  With right sides together, put the ends of the straps at the points of the back bodice, sandwiched.   Sew up the armhole, across the back neckline, and down the other armhole.  Flip the back bodice right side out and top stitch.

Now gather and attached the skirts to the front and back bodices.  Then with right sides together, sew down the side seams, finish the seams, and hem.  Boom!  Done.

Remember I mentioned a giveaway?  Leave a comment with your favorite part of the first day of school.  One random commenter will win their choice of either Kelsey or Sally.

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  1. Brooke says:

    Love them! I need to try these patterns for my girls! I love school holidays but I do love the excitement of the first day of school, checking out the new teacher and classroom AND heading for coffee with all the other crazy Mums who need to catch up without kids finally hahaha! We have a 6 week break over Christmas in Summer in Australia, so we are keen to send them back after that 😉

  2. Barb Miller says:

    My favoarite part was wearing a new outfil that wasn’t a hand-me-down. Also new pencils, erasers and notebook paper. I was so excited!

  3. Shawna says:

    What awesome dresses and the color combo is perfect! Loved the tutorial, I’ll have to keep this in mind. My little girl always seems to have a problem with spaghetti straps not staying put!

  4. Sarah says:

    I think my girls would love the Sally pattern! My favorite part of the first day was the quiet; I have two 6-year olds and a 3-year old, and while they mostly play really well together, there was a lot of shrieking and yelling over the summer. The 3-year old is so much more peaceful by himself when the girls go off to school. 🙂

  5. Mara says:

    Thanks for the quick tutorial, I can’t wait till my daughter starts first grade, this year, then I will get an hour more of freedom to sew, love buying the school supplies.

  6. Kathy E. says:

    My favorite part of the first day of school was seeing all of my friends again after a long summer apart. It was exciting to see who was in each class and where our seats would be. Getting to meet our new teacher was always exciting!

  7. Rochelle says:

    As a child, my favorite part of the first day of school was the new clothes.
    As an adult working in the school my favorite part of the first day of school was knowing at the end of the month I’d get a paycheck lol I was a substitute interpreter for the Deaf for 7 years, and had about 200 “first days” at over a dozen different k-12 schools LOL

  8. Maggie Bernabe says:

    I love all things Tula Pink !!! <3 <3
    My daughter and only child is 2.5yo and doesn't go to school yet … but when I was in school, I loved seeing all my friends again and talking about summer vacations, and meeting my new teacher.

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