New Horizons Key West Women’s Tank


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Today, I have the New Horizon’s Key West women’s tank.  I was just introduced to New Horizons and overall very pleased with the result!

This tank comes with a regular tank back option and a racerback option.  I went with the racerback because that is what I was seeking at the time of finding this pattern.  You can also had a little pocket, which I did.  Never know when you will need a little pocket to put shopping lists, small children’s toys, or buttons that fall off your pants.


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Sizes: XXS to 3X (29″ bust to 49″ bust) or (00 to 26)

Skill level: beginner

Time: less than 2 hours

1. Tank back and Racerback
2.  Pocket option
3.  Tunic length or crop top

Fabric: knit with at least 35″ stretch.  There is a stretch guide on page 4, if needed. You will need between 5/8 and 2 yards depending on your size and length of top you choose.

How tos: the pattern dedicates an entire page to tips and tricks for sewing with knits.  There are great ideas here for beginner knit sewists.  There is a printing guide and the PDF comes ‘layered’ so you can check with size you need and only that size will print.


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I’m trying to remember where I found my fabric.  It was either at the LA fabric district (Michael Levine loft) or from a little place in Virginia called G-Street.  The location that was by my house, at the time, is now closed.  I’m so disappointed I missed their closing sales. But to be honest, I don’t miss Virginia. #westcoastisthebestcoast


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I slimmed out the shirt a little bit.  You can see the difference between my fingers.  While I had the pattern out, I drew a few more thinning lines on on the front and back pieces, just in case.  This is not a criticism at all, just personal preference as I don’t look good in extra flowy stuff.  However, I love that the pattern is easily adjusted depending on your needs. The flowy is lovely during these f-ing HOT temps right now, though.  Wearing tight clothes is just not cool during the summer. Plus, in flowy clothes you don’t have to wear a bra.  At least that’s what my boobs tell me.

In conclusion, I adore how fast and easy this shirt came together.  In fact, I’m going to go cut a crop top right now.

There is also a girls version to grab while you are over on the New Horizon site.  Also, remember to join their Facebook group!

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