Knitting: The glorious world of yarn


My sewing friend, Justina of Accents by MeMe Mae  has been selling knitted items and jewelry for a while now and has recently ventured into the world of pattern making-of knitted items!


I am a re-born knitter.  Meaning, knitting was actually my first crafty hobby way way 6 years ago while pregnant with Ali Cat aka Bees and living in Italy.  I found a lady who taught me how to cast on, knit, and purl.  That was it.  I knitted a few blankets and dish cloths.  I had no idea how to knit in the round so I taught myself to crochet via a book and YouTube.  I crocheted more because making round things by crocheting I thought was easier than learning to knit in the round.  Then I taught myself to sew.  Fabric and thread has been the love of my life since then. Until MeMe Mae came into my life.
Way back 6 years ago, I struggled with understanding how knitting and reading patterns worked.  Something with MMM (MeMe Mae) patterns clicked with me and has made me a much more confident knitter.



You can find MeMe Mae patterns on Etsy and Ravelry.  This is the Button Up Cowl.  It is a very fast knit and done flat. Great for a beginner knitter but with lots of style.  What I adore most about this cowl is the various ways it can jazz up your outfit.  You can wear it buttoned up which will provides lots of warmth. Or unbutton a few of the bottom buttons and let it open up over your should for more fashion, less warmth.

The first MMM pattern I knitted was this Infinity Striped Scarf.  It’s hard to see the “striped” part of this pattern due to the extra fuzzy yarn I picked-thought I really love this colorway.  The scarf is extra long.  I have doubled it over in this photo.  You also knit a cuff to hold the layers together.  The scarf could definitely triple over for a snugger, warmer option.  It was with this first pattern that knitting clicked, like I mentioned earlier.  I could suddenly comprehend the stitches.  Before, way 6 years ago, I had to literally look at each stitch and compare to the pattern.  No way could I knit multiple rows at a time.  But with this pattern, I totally had a light bulb moment.
IMG_6892Am I cross-eyed in this photo?


button warmer1

Next up is the Button Up Knitted Warmer.  Again, this is knitted flat.  You add buttons (no button holes) to create the loop. Super cute, super easy, super fast.  Ideal for a first knitted project.
Though simple, I had to knit this a few times because I was messing up on my own accord.  I want my projects to be perfect and my beginner skills are anything but.  If you crochet as well, the pattern has instructions for adding a cute crochet accent on this pattern.

button warmer2Awww…my Bees.


cable warmer2

Lastly, at this for this blog post, we have the Cable Warmer.  I was scared shitless with this pattern. Cabling looks really hard and complicated.  I thought “no way am I able to actually make something like that.  I’m not that good yet, if I ever will be”.
But my wonderful friend told me other wise.  I read the pattern directions, watched one 60 second YouTube video,  (The video was longer but I chose to not watch the full length.  Who needs to do that, right?) and just picked up my needles and started knitting.  I stitched this out 3 times.  The first was terrible.  My cable was ugly.  Second time was much better, but not good enough.  Unraveled it and went for #3.  Now, this warmer is actually knitted flat-fooled ya huh?  When you finish, you take a tapestry needle and sew the ends together.
1st-cabling is NOT hard and no, you don’t need a special cable needle.  I used a chop stick to hold my stitches.
2nd-use some cheap practice yarn for your first take.
3rd-you CAN cable stitch.  I did and I would label myself (at the time of this project) a beginner.

cable warmer4

I say this with all honesty and gratitude, MeMe Mae patterns have increase my knitting abilities 10 fold, probably more.  I am now working on a sweater for myself, thanks to a few other knitting friends who have been answering my silly questions.
I have also knitted up 1 other MMM pattern and am working on another at this time too.

Even if you don’t know how to knit, but want to learn, check out MMM patterns, she will help you too.

cable warmer6My Cookies n Bees!