Swoon Harriet Sewalong Day 5

Yea!  Last day; let’s finish up!

You need your exterior panel loop and the exterior bottom panel.


Have your panel loop wrong side out, bottom up.  Place the exterior bottom panel, right sides together matching notches to seams.  Make sure you are sewing the short sides of the bottom panel to the zippered side panels of the bag loop.  Pin in place.



It will look like such.   You will need to ease it in.  Remember, you are wanting the pieces to match at 1/2″ SA.  It may look messy and gross, but as long as where you will sew is smooth, that’s all that matters.



Sew together at 1/2″ seam allowance right along, but not through, your bottom stabilizer.  Trim the seam allowance. Set aside.



Take the two interior main panels. Pin the sides together and sew at 1/2″ SA.  Trim SA to 1/4″.



Fold your panels in 1/2 to find the middle of each side.  Mark.


Take your interior bottom panel.  Fold in half one way and mark the center on each side.  Fold in half the other way and mark the centers.  Match the center marks of the bottom panel with the side seams and center panel marks you did.  Then finish pinning around the entire oval.  Sew in place at 5/8″ seam allowance.  Trim your allowance down to 1/4″.



Now with your lining bag wrong side out and your exterior bag right side out, place your exterior into your lining.  The lining pocket should be on the same side as the front of your exterior bag (the side that has the female snap).



Matching all seams, pin around the top of the bag, leaving about 6″ at the front of the bag open to turn.  Sew at 1/2″ SA.



Trim the seam allowance except at the 6″ opening.



Birth your bag.  Feel giddy that she’s almost complete.
Roll the top seam with your fingers and press well.  Top stitch around entire bag.  Make sure the closure flap is up out of the bag.  Stitch through the flap closure.



Handles!  Take a handle and fold in half.



Open and fold each raw edge in to meet at the center fold.



Fold in half again along the original fold line.  The raw edges will be inside meeting in the center.



Top stitch down each side of the strap at 1/8″.   Repeat for the other handle.



Put one end of the strap through your rectangle.



Fold the raw edge under 1/2″.



Fold again 3/4″ and stitch in place.  Repeat to place the other end of the handle through the hardware on the same side of the bag.  Be sure to not twist your handle.  Repeat with the other handle piece and the other side of the bag.

You are done!  Congratulations!