Swoon Harriet Sewalong Day 4

Day 4: we will be working on the interior and assembly of the exterior.



Take one of the interior panels and fold in half.  Hand press the fold.



Open and flip over to the wrong side.  Measure 1.5″ down from the middle and draw a rectangle that 7″ by 0.5″, centered (3.5″ on either side of your center crease).

Measure 1/2″ inward on each side, mark.  Draw a line from each 1/2″ dot.  Then draw diagonal lines from each corner to the dot as above.


Flip over to the right side.  Fold your pocket piece in half, hot dog style, to find the middle. Hand press a crease.  Open the pocket piece and line up the centers of the pocket piece with the lining main panel about 1/2″ down from the top of the main panel.  I know it’s hard to see since both pieces are red.  Pin the pocket piece in place along the very top of the pocket piece.



Flip back over to the wrong side.  Sew around the rectangle box with a short stitch.  Then very carefully cut along the inner lines you drew.



Push the pocket piece through the hole to the wrong side and press well along all 4 sides.  You may need press the seam allowance open on the wrong side.  This will help you press it all to the wrong side nicely.



Place your zipper on the wrong side of your piece with the teeth centered in the hole.  I like to use glue to baste the zipper tape to the pocket piece.



Flip over to the right side.  I also like to pin the zipper in place.  Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry.



Stitch right along the entire lining panel  1/8″ from the zipper.  (I recently got my machine serviced.  Isn’t that beautiful?!)

Not sure why I don’t have a photo, but flip over to the wrong side again and fold up the bottom of the pocket panel to match the top of the pocket panel. Move the lining piece away and sew around the 3 raw edges of the pocket piece.  Make sure to not sew through the lining.  Set it aside, but convenient.



Take a top lining panel and fold in half to find the center.  Hand press to create a crease.



Hopefully you can still see the middle crease on your flap. If not, find the center again and match the centers of the top lining panel and the flap.  Place them right sides together and pin together.  Baste in place.



Take your lining main panel that does not have the zipper.  Place the top lining panel on the top of the main lining panel right sides together.  Pin and sew in place at 1/2″ seam allowance.




Press the seam allowance down towards the lining panel and push the flap up towards the top lining panel.  Top stitch along the main panel, through the seam allowance.  Do not sew through the flap.



Repeat for the other top lining panel and the lining panel with a zipper.  Set aside.




Take one exterior main panel and one exterior side panel.  Place the side panel on one side of the main panel, matching side edges.  Make sure your accent panels are perfectly lined up. Sew at 1/2″.



Open and press the seam allowance towards the sice panel.  Top stitch in place.



Repeat to sew all exterior panels together as above, remembering to press seam allowance toward the side panel and top stitch.  Finally sew the last two sides together to create a loop.  To top stitch the last part, you may need to remove the free arm.

Tomorrow we will finish assembling the bag!