Swoon Harriet Sewalong Day 3

Hello day 3!  We will be completing the main panels today.



Take one of your handle stripes.  Fold the two long raw edges to the wrong side to meet exactly in the middle.  Repeat for the other handle stripe.



Take a rectangle and put one end of your handle stripe through and fold over 1″ to the wrong side.  You can glue in place if you’d like.  Repeat with the 3 other handle stripes.



Cut the rectangle from your pattern piece.



Lay the pattern piece on one of your main panels, aligning the edges. With chaulk or a soluble marking pen, draw the rectangle on one side.


Flip the pattern piece over and draw the rectangle on the other side.



Repeat for the other main panel.  Set the panels aside.



Grab all the curvy accent panels.  Right sides together, lay opposite pieces together.


Sew along the curve at 1/4″ SA.  Turn them right side .  Press well.



Let’s return to our main panels.  Take the beautiful handle stripes and glue or pin exactly on the rectangles you drew.


Repeat with the 3 other handles.



Sew up one side of the handle, across the top as close to the hardware as possible and down the other side.  Repeat for the other handle stripes.



Place and left and right accent on the bottom corners and sew along the accent pieces around all sides.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.



Decide which panel will be the front of your bag and fold in half to find the middle.  Hand press to crease.  Insert the female side of your snap 2.75″ down along the crease.



Take the flap piece that does not have the fleece interfacing.  .  Fold the piece in half to find the middle.  Measure down 4.75″ down and install the male side of the snap.

If you are using vinyl, pick either flap piece as neither have interfacing.  You will need to measure rather than fold to find the middle.  You may need to cover the prongs with a small piece of woven interfacing.


Place the two flap pieces right sides together.  Sew along the 3 curvy sides.  Do not sew along the top straight edge. Sew at 1/4″ SA.


Turn the flap right side out, press if you can, and top stitch along all sides, including the top.

See you tomorrow!