Swoon Harriet Sewalong Day 2

Day 2!
Today we will complete the side panels.

IMG_5257Grab one of your exterior side zippers.  If your zipper is exactly 7″-good for you for following instructions and skip to the next photo.
If your zipper is NOT 7″-then welcome to my club–measure from the top stop down the teeth 7″.  Mark with soluble marking pen.


IMG_5262If your zipper is 7″, then make the bottom stop is 5/8″ above the bottom, narrow end, of the center side panel.
If you zipper is longer then 7″ and you measured your 7″ mark, then place that mark 5/8″ above the narrow end of the center side panel.  My second mark is 5/8″ below my 7″ mark, which is even with the bottom of the panel-or kinda even with it.


IMG_5263Pin your zipper in place.  Chop off the extra zipper tape.  Don’t cut off your zipper pull-trust the zipper chopper expert. Open your zipper.


IMG_5264Pin or glue each zipper each side of the zipper along the matching side of the panel.


IMG_5265I glued and pinned.  At the top, fold the extra zipper tape under and straight across.


IMG_5266Repeat for the other side.  If you used glue, give it a few minutes to dry.  Each zipper top should be the exact same distance to the top of your panel.  Measure if you think they might be different and re-pin your zipper sides if so.
If your zipper width is smaller than the bottom of the narrow panel, that’s ok, because we will be sewing right next to the zipper teeth.
If your zipper width is larger than the bottom of the narrow panel, simply trim the zipper sides to match.


IMG_5267Using your zipper foot, sew the zipper to the center panel at 1/4″.  Repeat for the other side of this panel.


IMG_5268Find two side panels-one left and one right.
PS-I HIGHLY recommend stitching across the bottom of your zipper at 1/4″ SA so you don’t accidentally pull the zipper pull off the zipper.


IMG_5269Take the right side panel and align the curved side with the right side of the center panel.  Pin and sew at 1/4″ SA following your existing zipper stitching.


IMG_5270Trim the zipper tape that is hanging off.


IMG_5271Sew the left side panel to the left side of the center panel.  Trim that zipper tape and press the seams outwards towards the side panels.


IMG_5272Flip it over and top stitch along the side panels about 1/8″ away from the zipper seam.


IMG_5273Repeat all of the above steps for the other side panel.


IMG_5275Move your zipper pull up about an 1″.  Right sides together, place one bottom side panel along the bottom edge.  The width of your bottom side panel should be very close to the panel you just made.  If it happens to be off a tough, just trim which ever is bigger, making sure to trim the panel evenly on both sides.  Stitch on at 1/2″ SA.


IMG_5276Press the seam towards the bottom and top stitch along the bottom side panel and through the seam allowance.
Repeat for the other side panel and other bottom side panel.


Come back tomorrow to construct the main panels!