Swoon Harriet Sewalong Day 1

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Welcome to the 5 day Swoon Harriet sewalong!  My name is Brianne and I will be your tour guide. If you need to review information about Harriet, check out  my pattern review.

Let’s go!

  1.  Buy Swoon Harriet.
  2. Gather supplies
    1. 1/2 yard quilting weight exterior fabric (my tattoo fabric)
    2. 1/3 yard or fat quarter of woven or vinyl contrasting fabric (my tan and what you handles could be)
    3. 3/4 yard quilting weight lining fabric (my red)
    4. 1/8″ fusible stiff stabilizer (pellon peltex 71F)
    5. 1/2 yard fusible fleece (Pellon Thermolam)
    6. 3 1/2 yards fusible woven interfacing (Pellon Shapeflex)
    7. 4-1″ rectangle hardware
    8. 3-7″ all purpose zippers (#3)
    9. Thin magnetic snap
    10. all other necessary sewing paraphernalia

Print out your pattern at 100% or “no scaling”.  You’ll have the below pieces.  Your pieces will have handy dandy fleece cutting lines on them.  Use those lines.


IN ADDITION to the pattern pieces, you will need to cut:

Pocket Panel: 9’x 14″ Cut 1 lining and 1 interfacing
Handle Stripes: 2″x 19″ Cut 2 lining and 2 interfacing
Handles: 4″x 20″ Cut 2 lining and 2 interfacing


Everything all cut!  I like to write my additional cut list on the main panel pieces.  It is very important to cut the side panels and the left/right accent pieces MIRRORED.  You can cut one and the flip the pattern piece over, or (what I do) is fold my fabric on it self and cut two at a time.

Also take care if your flap fabric is directional.  You will need to cut one of them upside down.


You will have handy dandy fleece cutting lines on your pattern pieces.  I highly recommend to use those.  My fleece cutting was quite shady.
If you did NOT use the fleece cutting lines, take the flap fleece piece and cut 1/4″ all the way around the entire piece.  Do a better job than I did.


You get the idea…


If you did NOT use the fleece cutting lines, trim 1/2″ from each side of all remaining fleece pieces.  This will include the main panel, the side panels, and the exterior bottom side panels.


Fuse fleece to the wrong side of the flap closure (the piece that will show on the outside of the bag), the side panel pieces, both exterior man panels, and the exterior bottom side panels.  Center the fleece so each side has 1/2″ of fabric visible as above.  Do NOT touch the bottom exterior panel yet.


Now fuse woven interfacing on top of all the pieces you just fused fleece to.  You will also fuse the woven interfacing to all lining and contrasting panels (EXCEPT the left and right accent panels.
Careful if using vinyl or another fabric that should not be iron.  Make sure to use a pressing cloth or another piece of woven fabric in between the iron and your fabric.  Instead of ironing you could also use spray adhesive with vinyl or leather.  Still don’t touch the bottom exterior panel, but you can fuse the woven interfacing to the interior bottom panel.


Now it’s time to grab your bottom.  As in your exterior bottom panel piece, not as in your butt.  Grab your significant other’s butt.

Also get the bottom stabilizer piece.  Iron or spray adhesive on the wrong side of your exterior bottom panel, centered.


Now fuse the woven interfacing on op.  Forgive the messing pressing-I only care that the exterior looks perfect when done.  That may be a fault of mine; I’m ok with that.


Everything all fused up and read to sew tomorrow.  Are YOU ready to sew tomorrow?