SisBoom/Scientific Seamstress Sally Dress


Sisboom and Scientific Seamstress have released Sally-the girls version of Angie!
Sally is a sweet and simple sleeveless dress with option of single or double skirt and elastic along the back waist for easy slip on and off.  The pattern also includes a sash option.  Perfect for beginners and salty veterans.

First, a shout out to my bestie sewing pal-Jeanine.  Her name is on the top left of the first page.  This is her first clothing pattern to draft and publish.  Hats off to Jeanine!

Second, this cow is in front of Estate Sales Warehouse in Oceanside, CA.  For whatever reason, the girls think it is hilarious.

Sally comes in sizes 3 months to 14 years.

Materials needed:
1/4″ knit elastic
1 package of single fold bias tape
Woven (or knit!) fabric

There are multiple sizing charts, cutting charts, leg charts, fabric layout charts-all for your perfect cutting pleasure.  Jeanine also includes two methods for bias tape binding-visible and hidden.

As with all Scientific Seamstress patterns, the pieces are NOT nested, so you just print the few pages you need.  Depending on the size, you only have to print between 2 and 4 pages.  I like that!

An extra bonus with the dress is coloring pages for the little girl in your life to design her own Sally!

My first Sally, I sewed with all woven fabrics.  The bodice is Tula Pink Eden.  The top layer of the skirt is Michael Miller Pink Money Moves.  Finally, the bottom skirt is Amy Butler Violette Flourish.


I did the hidden bias tape method as to not take away from those beautiful elephants.  It’s still in the 60s-70sF in SoCal these days.  This is a regularly worn dress with a light cardigan and leggings.  You could definitely put a shirt underneath the dress as well.

sally2 (1)

The elastic along the back waist cinches beautifully to be slightly more fitted when wearing but easily stretches to get it on and off other the head.


Second, I made an all knit Sally.


The fabric is a medium weight knit and was on super sale at Hobby Lobby.


Ali Cat is very difficult to please but Sally is a HUGE hit with her.  She actually requested to wear it and was excited to take photos.  Doesn’t she look cool in her Sally and Converse?

Here is a tutorial on how to line a sleeveless bodice that has no closures.  This will work for woven or knit fabrics.
1.  Cut TWO front bodices and TWO back bodices on the fold.


I like to place a pin on each of my back bodices so I don’t forget which is which while working.  (Don’t forget to remove these!)



Take your exterior front and back bodices (my exterior and lining are the same) right sides together.  Sew the shoulder seams.  Repeat for the lining front and back bodices.  SA is 1/4″-same as the pattern.



Take the exterior and lining bodices, unfold them and place them right sides together making sure it is front to front and back to back.  Sew along the neckline only.



Turn your bodice right side out and press the neckline.



For these next steps, HERE is a video link as well.  I hate myself in videos.  I’m not sure why the voice is shaky.  I actually did the video twice with the same result.
First, on one side of your bodice, pull the exterior front and back bodices towards the other side.



This is it pulled to the other side. Flip the entire thing over.




This is flipped over.  You will have the other shoulder in the middle.  Fold the lining side on top of the shoulder seam.



Now that you have the right sides of the exterior and lining together, sew along the arm cycle only.  Do not sew the side seams yet.  The other shoulder is inside.  Be careful to not sew the shoulder that is inside your roll.





Open up one bodice and you will be able to pull the entire thing right side out.  Repeat for the other arm cycle.



Now to sew the side seams. Lay your bodice out as such.  On one side, pull the side seams right side together, matching the seams.



You can do both at the same time and pin.  Sew.



Flip right side out and finish sewing the skirt as per the Sally instructions!