Nora SAL Day 4

Last day of the Swoon Nora sewalong!


Take your exterior main panels/bottom piece and an exterior side panel piece. Match the dart seams with the bottom panel seams. Pin/clip together.


Pin/clip the in between the darts/bottom.



Pin/clip the top of the main panels to the top of each of the side.  As above.  Then pin all in between.



Sew the side panel to the main panel at 1/2″.  I like to position it like above.  Sew very slowly.  When you get to bottom corners, you will need to mash the bag down and out of the way.  Repeat for the other exterior side panel and the other side of the main panels.



Repeat sewing the lining side panels to the main panels.  But leave about 6″ opening along one side as above. Trim the seam allowances down to 1/8″ or so.  Also trim the opening allowance as well!



Find the two top casing pieces.  Fold each short side toward the wrong side by 1/2″ like above.  Fuse the casing stabilizer along the bottom, inside the folds. Press or clip into place if you cannot press.



Fold the casings in half, wrong sides together.  Press, if you can.  Baste the long raw bottom edges together at 1/4″.



Pin the long raw edges of the top casing to the raw edges of the exterior main panels-right sides together. It should match exactly side seam to side seam.



Baste in place at 1/4″. Repeat to sew the other top casing to the other exterior main panel.



With the lining wrong side out and the exterior right side out, place exterior into lining.  They will be right sides together.  Make sure your closure tab is down.  Align the raw edges (casing will be down too-raw edges up).  Match the seam and pin/clip in place.  Sew around the entire top edge at 1/2″ seam allowance.  Remember to backstitch well.  Turn the back-VERY CAREFULLY-through the 6″ lining opening.



We will now top stitch around the top. Since I could not press the top seam, I clipped the lining and sides together.


Top stich around the entire top-around the sides and below the casing through the main panels at around 1/4″.



Now to top stitch the sides.  I clipped my sides down since I could not press the vinyl.



Press/Clip/Pin your sides like above.



For the interior side that has the opening, tuck those raw edges in.  So when you top stitch, you will stitch the opening closed.



Stitch around the U at 3/8″ or so.  I like to do it with the side panel facing up.  Manipulate the bag when sewing the bottom of the curve.



Repeat for the other side.



Cut two pieces of boning
Small Handbag: 9.5″ each
Large Handbag: 11.5″ each
Traveler: 14.5″ each

Slide the boning through the casing opening.  Try to tuck the boning into the end folds.  This can be hard.  Do your best.  If you don’t get it, that’s ok.



Turn your bag lining side out.  Fold the side panel in half, matching the side seams together.  Using a soluble pen, make a 1/2″ long line 1/4″ down from the top of the bag.  Stitch along this line.  Repeat for the other side panel.  Turn bag right side out.



Get the handle.  Fold in half.  Hand press.



Open the handle and fold each long raw edge toward the center crease you just hand pressed.



Fold in half again at the original center pressed line.  Pin or clip together.
Sew down each long edge. Press, if you can.



Fold the handle in half, matching short ends and cut into two pieces.



Take one handle end, slide through the loop on the bag.  Fold the raw edge under by 1/2″.


Fold the end over again by 3/4″.  Stitch in place.  Attached the other end of the handle to the other loop on the same main panel.  Repeat with the other handle and the other side of the bag.

Press your bag well.

You are done!