Nora SAL Day 2

Day 2!


Very difficult to see here, but placing 2 or 3 pins about 1″ down from the top is helpful to keep the top of the foam in place.  Remember these are here!


Take the handle connectors.  Fold each long raw edge towards the middle.



Since I was using vinyl, I glued the edges down towards the middle.   Fold the connector in half, short ends meeting and cut in half.  Repeat for the other connector piece.  Now you will have 4 connectors.



Fold one end of the connector through a rectangle by 1″ to the wrong side.  Glue in place if needed.



Stich as closely to the rectangle as possible.  Repeat for all connectors.  Line them up to ensure they are all the same height.  Trim any that are too long.
Small Handbag: 8.5″ long
Large Handbag 9.5″ long
Traveler: 11″ long



Take an exterior panel and fold in half.  Hand press a crease in the middle.



From the middle measure:
Small Handbag: 2″
Large Handbag 2.5″
Traveler: 2.75″
from center over to the left and right

From that mark, measure from bottom up by
Small Handbag: 7.5″
Large Handbag 8.5″
Traveler: 10″
Now you will have a line on either side of your center crease.

Apply glue on the wrong side of the connector and place along the outside of a line you just drew, but slightly covering the line.


The connectors will be:
Small Handbag 4″ apart
Large Handbag 5″ apart
Traveler 5.5″ apart

Give the glue some time to dry.  You can also place a few pins along the connectors if you’d like (I do).


Stitch the handles in place but sewing up one side of the connector, across close to the connector (following your previous stitching line) and down the  other side of the connector.  Repeat for the 3 other connectors.



Now the closure tab!

VINYL TAB (not pictured):
Glue or clip the two Vinyl Closure Tabs wrong sides together, matching the edges perfectly.  Top stitch along all sides at 1/4″.

I used a very thin pleather so I did the woven method.
Pin the woven closure tabs right sides together. 



Start sewing at the top thin edge and sew down right along the stabilizer but not through it.



Sew down one side, along the bottom, and about half way up the other side.  Stop and backstitch. Trim the seam allowances only along the stitched part.



Very carefully turn the tab.  Tuck the open seam allowance inside the opening .  Topstitch along all sides, including the top.



Turn lock: for all closures
Mark where the turn lock should be positioned
Small Handbag: 1.25″ up from bottom
Large Handbag: 1.5″ up from bottom
Traveler: 1.5″ up from bottom


Place marked. I marked too big.  A small circle would have been better.



Place the female part of the turn lock so your mark is in the middle of the little hole.  Draw a circle around the inner circle and around the outside of the lock.



Very carefully cut out the small inner circle.



Cut out.



Make sure the male part of your turn lock fits in the hole. Take it out.  Place a little bit of fabric glue along the edges of the hole to keep from fraying and going crazy.



Install the female part of the part of the turn lock.  Or have your husband do it. I chose the later option. Hello kitty!



Pick the main panel you want to the be backside.  Fold in half to find the middle.  Mark if needed.   Measure down:
Small Handbag: 2″ from top
Large Handbag: 2.5″ from top
Traveler: 2.5″ from top



With right sides together, place the middle of the raw edge of the closure tab to the mark you just made.  Sew across at 1/2 seam allowance.



Fold the closure tab up and stitch again at 1/2″ from the edge.  This will enclose the raw edge.



Up close and personal shot.



That’s all for today!