Swoon Sandra


Sandra is the 4th bag pattern in the Swoon Vintage Collection.  Just as a re-cap.  The Vintage Collection is 12 total bag patterns through out the year.  Starting March 2015 and ending February 2016.  Sandra was actually the pattern for June, but I’m slow these days with the big move we just did from Virginia to California.  The Vintage Collection is one pattern every month.  If you purchase the collection at some point during the year, you will automatically get all the so-far released patterns.  Then one each month afterwards. The upcoming patterns have not been released-they will be a surprise each month.  But I promise they are good!  The Collection is only $38.95.  That is a mere $3.25 per pattern.  Full price patterns are $5.95 so that is an amazing savings of $32.45.  Just about half off!  Seriously, go purchase the Vintage Collection.  For realz.

If you want to be a bump on a log, you can buy the Sandra pattern individually.

Sandra is a very quick bag to make.  The pattern does not include the fringe.  Do not fear!  I have a quick tutorial below on how to add that embellishment.

So, Sandra is a perfect cross-body saddle bag with a slip pocket under the flap and interior zipper pocket.  The pattern includes pieces and instructions for a vinyl or fabric flap connector piece.  (I did not include that since I added fringe.)


Materials List:

  • 1/2 yard exterior fabric: cotton or vinyl/leather
  • 1 yard 44” quilting cotton lining
  • 2 yards fusible midweight interfacing (Pellon Craftfuse 808/809)
  • 1/2 yard 45” wide fusible fleece interfacing (Pellon Thermolam-fusible fleece)
  • Scrap (5” x 5”) of fusible stabilizer (Pellon Peltex 71F) (for woven only)
  • One 1” strap slide
  • Two 1” rectangle rings
  • One 6”+ all-purpose zipper
  • One thin magnetic snap

Time: 4 hours

Difficult: Advanced beginner

Size: 9″W, 9.5″H, 3.75″D

Like I said, I was amazed at how EASY Sandra is to put together.  I only looked at the instructions twice.  Once to see the measurement for the snap placement and the second time was…I don’t even remember! Ha!

I made a few changes.  I chose to put the slip pocket (which should be on the exterior under the flap) on the inside of my bag and omitted the interior zipper pocket.

I also gave my flap a little surprise on the inside.  Something to make me smile every time she’s opened!



This is so simple, gals.  Really!  This is done after cutting and fusing everything together.  First step in the construction.

Take a piece of suede, leather, or even vinyl.  If you want to be really fancy cut two, glue wrong sides together and THEN cut.  If you do this, then you will have a ‘finished’ back side too.

Cut your piece of fabric 32″ by however wide you want.  I wanted my fringe 2″ long, so I added 1/2″ seam allowance too.  Final cut was 32″ by 2.5″.  32″ will be too long and you’ll have extra hanging off.  But it’s always better to be longer than shorter!

On the wrong side of the fabric, draw a line at the 1/2″ seam allowance.  Line will be the entire length of the 32″.  This is your ‘cut to’ line.  Make 1/4″ cuts along the entire piece of fabric from the bottom edge to the line.  You could even measure and carefully cut your fringe.  I decided to just cut and it turned out pretty good!.


Now take your exterior flap piece. Align the seam allowance edge of the fringe with the raw edge of the flap.  Pin together well.IMG_2943

Make 1/4″ snips along the fringe seam allowance on the curves to make it curve better.  Baste the fringe on along your seam allowance line.


Take the flap lining.  Fold in half and make a gentle crease in the middle Insert one side of the snap 2″ down from the curved side of the interior flap along the middle crease.

Right sides together.  Pin the interior and exterior flaps together.  Make sure all the fringe is tucked into flap well. Sew along your fringe basing stitch line.


Turn the flap right side out and check out your fringe to make sure it all looks good.  Cut any extra fringe off the top.  Top stitch the flap.

If you are adding the pocket to the exterior, measure up 2.5″-3″ from the bottom curve of the exterior pocket piece.  (I did 2.5″ up and I wish I had done 3″.  2.5″ is fine though.)  Then follow the instructions on page 5 to finish the pocket and add to the exterior, skipping the snap tab instructions.

If you are not adding the slip pocket to the exterior, measure up 2.5″ -3″ from the bottom curve of one of the exterior main panel pieces.  Then follow instructions starting on page 7.


Ta-da!  Do you like the fringe?