Camille Sewalong Day 1: Print, Cut, Interface

Hello!  For the next four days, we will be sewing the Swoon Camille Camera bag!  She is apart of the Vintage Collection.  If you don’t have the collection and you enjoy sewing a bags, I highly recommend purchasing it.  You’ll receive at least 12 bag patterns for only $38.95.  Stupendous deal!

Let’s get started!

Camille Bag Pattern
0.75 yard Exterior fabric
1.5 yard lining fabric
2 yards fusible woven interfacing (Pellon SF101)
0.5 yard foam interfacing (Soft and Stable) OR 1.5 yards of Pellon Flex-Foam
0.25 yard fusible stabilizer (Pellon Peltex 71F)
0.5 yard fusible fleece interfacing (Pellon Thermolam TP971F)
Two 1″ buckles
Two 6″ x 3/4″ wood craft sticks, optional but highly recommended**
Two 1.5″ rectangle rings
One 1.5″ strap slide
One magnetic snap
Fabric glue, spray glue, or glue stick

Print out the pattern pieces on pages 18-24.  Cut out along the black lines.  There are a two pieces that need to be taped together.  Those pieces are labeled by letter A.  Butt A up to, but not over lapping, the other A piece.

Reach each pattern piece and cut out as indicated.

IN ADDITION to the pattern pieces, you will also need to cut the following:
Handle: 4″x15″: cut 1 lining and 1 woven interfacing
Adjustable Strap & Connectors 6″ x 35″: cut 2 lining and 2 interfacing
Buckle Straps: 4″ x 10″ Cut 1 lining and 1 woven interfacing
Handle Stabilizer: 1″ x 12″ Cut 1 stabilizer
Flap Support: 3.5″ x 12″ Cut 2 stabilizer
Bottom Support: 9″ x 5″ Cut 1 stabilizer

Read through this whole day for all the fusing details before you begin fusing!

In the end, you will have:

Flap side:
2 exterior mirror images (cut one, flip pattern piece and cut another OR fold fabric over and cut two)
2 lining mirror images
2 Woven interfacing mirror images
2 foam interfacing
The exterior pieces will foam basted to them and the lining pieces will have the interfaced adhered.

Bottom Panel:
1 Exterior
1 Lining
2 foam interfacing
Both bottom panels will have foam basted on.  BUT FIRST, the exterior bottom panel, iron the bottom support piece (from the additional cut list) to the EXTERIOR bottom panel, centering, and then baste the foam interfacing on top.

1 Exterior
1 Lining
1 Foam Interfacing
1 Woven Interfacing
Baste foam to exterior and adhere woven interfacing to lining.

Back Panel Top:
1 Exterior
1 foam Interfacing
Baste foam to exterior piece

Lens Compartment Panel
4 lining
2 Foam interfacing
2 woven interfacing
Baste the foam to two of the lining pieces the other 2 lining pieces adhere the woven interfacing

Buckle Connector
4 Lining
4 woven interfacing
Adhere interfacing to each lining piece
PS-the buckle connector template is for sewing only.  No pieces are cut from the template.

Side Gusset
2 Exterior
2 Lining
2 foam interfacing
2 fleece interfacing
Baste foam to both exterior pieces.  Adhere fleece interfacing to lining (see below before adhering)

Main Panel
1 Exterior
2 Lining
1 Foam interfacing
2 Fleece interfacing
Baste Foam to Exterior and adhere Fleece to lining pieces. (see below before adhering fleece)

Slip pocket (same pattern piece as main panel)
Fold main panel piece along dotted and and cut:
1 Exterior
3 lining
2 Foam interfacing
2 Woven interfacing
Baste foam to exterior and 1 lining piece.  Adhere woven interfacing to the other two lining pieces.


When I am cutting a bag with as many parts as Camille, I make stacks with the pattern piece on top so I can remember what is what.  For the additional cut list, I write the piece name on a sticky note and stick on top.

IMG_2390On the Lining Main Panels FLEECE pieces and the Lining Gusset panels FLEECE pieces, trim 1/2″ off the top.  Only cut the fleece, do not cut the fabric!  Then fuse the fleece to the fabric.


IMG_2393Lens compartment: Baste foam to two pieces and fuse woven interfacing to the other two pieces.

IMG_2395To Baste the foam, I pin the fabric and foam together.

IMG_2392With a long stitch (5), I stitch at 1/4″ seam allowance.


IMG_2397After you baste and fuse all your interfacing, take the FLAP LINING and LING FLAP SIDES.  Trim 1/8″ off from all edges.  This will help the lining of the flap sit nice and snug.


Come back tomorrow for day 2!