Swoon Vivian Sewalong Day 4: Finish

Final day and it’s a fast one!

With the exterior right side out and the interior wrong side out, put your interior into your exterior.


Line up the exterior and interior at one zipper end.  The bottom panels should match up at the end.  Pin in place well.IMG_3926

Continue to pin the interior to the exterior right along the zipper teach.  You can see your existing zipper stitching.  Make sure the lining covers that stitching but does not cover the zipper teeth.IMG_3927

Keep pinning all the way and line up correctly at the other zipper end.  Repeat for the other side of the bag.IMG_3928

Put the zipper foot on your machine. Remove the free arm from your machine and slide the bag on.  Move the pocket out of the way, smash your bag down and place the needle position on the far right.  Starting at the bottom panel seam, start sewing right along the existing stitch line.IMG_3929

Sew until you reach the other end of the bag.

Videos on how to sew the drop in lining:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3


Turn the bag around and repeat for the other side.IMG_3931

Take one of your handle pieces.  Loop an end about your rectangle loop.  Fold the raw edge under about 1/2″, then fold it under about 1″. IMG_3935

Stitch the handle to secure.  Repeat this with the same strap and the other side of that panel, be careful to not twist your handle piece.  Repeat again with the other handle piece and the other side of your bag.IMG_3936

You’re done!