Swoon Vivian Sewalong Day 1: Print, Cut, Interface


Welcome to Day 1 of the Swoon Vivian Sewalong.  I’m so happy you are joining me!

This is Vivian.  Quite a looker!










Handbag dimensions: 12″ wide, 9″ tall, 5″ deep
Traveler dimensions: 17″ wide, 12.5″ tall, 7″ deep

Let’s get to it!

As you probably know, the pattern has two sizes: handbag and traveler.  All the basic instructions are the same, however the measurements vary.  Handbag measurements will be in redTraveler measurements will be in blue. Remember your color!  If it’s written in black, it applies to BOTH sizes.

Materials you need to have handy:
Swoon Vivian Pattern-obvious, right?
2/3 yard exterior fabric (1 1/3 yards for traveler)
1 yard interior fabric (1 2/3 yards for traveler)
2 1.2 yards piping (1 package)
1/2 yard foam interfacing (2/3 yard for traveler) (Soft and Stable or Pellon FF but can use fusible fleece and SF101 or Craftfuse instead of foam)
2 yards fusible woven interfacing (3 yards for traveler) (Pellon SF 101)
1/2 yard fusible stabilizer (Pellon Peltex 71F)
20″ Handbag zipper (30″ for traveler)
9″ all purpose zipper
Four 3/4″ rectangle loops (1″ for traveler)
Purse feet (optional)
Spray glue
All other regular sewing paraphernalia

Need help purchasing the hardware?
I buy all my zippers from Zipper Island. I purchase handbag zippers and regular zippers from her so the colors match.  High quality, great customer service!

Swoon Patterns sells the rectangle loops. Here are those links: Handbag hardwareTraveler hardware.

Print out the pattern pieces.  Handbag pieces are pages 12-14.  Traveler pieces are pages 15-19.
Bonus points if you sew both versions!

If you would like to fussy cut your exterior, then I cut the full main panel piece out of tracing paper.  (LOVE that stuff). It is durable yet transparent.  Lay the full pattern piece over your fabric and position to your desire.  Pin the pattern piece in place and cut it out!  So simple!

Cut along the black lines.  There are a few pieces that need to be taped together.  Do so like below.


Follow each pattern piece to know what to cut.

IN ADDITION to the pattern pieces you will need to cut the following:

Handbag and Connectors: 3″ x 40″ Cut 2 lining and 2 woven interfacing
Bottom Support: 5″x 11.5″ Cut 1 Stabilizer
Zippered Pocket Piece: 9″ x 12″ Cut lining and 1 woven interfacing (I actually don’t interface my pockets)

PS-I made the handbag size but used the traveler handles and connectors width (4″ wide) to come out to 1″ finished.

Handles: 4″ x 40″ Cut 1 lining and 1 woven interfacing
Connectors: 4″ x 32″ Cut 2 lining and 2 woven interfacing
Bottom Support: 7″ x 16.5″ Cut 1 stabilizer
Zipper pocket piece: 11″ x 14″ cut 1 lining and 1 woven interfacing (I actually don’t interface my pockets)

Once all cut out you will have:
Main Panel: 2 exterior fabric, 2 lining fabric, 2 foam interfacing, 2 woven interfacing
Bottom Side Panel: 2 exterior fabric, 2 lining fabric, 2 foam interfacing, 2 woven interfacing
Side Pockets: 2 exterior fabric, 2 lining fabric, 4 woven interfacing
Top Panel: 2 exterior fabric, 2 lining fabric, 2 woven interfacing and 2 Foam interfacing cut at the dashed line
Handles and Handle Connectors as listed above
Bottom support: 1 stabilizer
Zipper pocket piece: 1 lining and 1 woven interfacing
4 rectangle loops
1 Main zipper
1 interior zipper
purse feet, optional


Fuse woven interfacing to interior pieces, handles and connectors.

The foam interfacing will be basted to the exterior pieces  You can do this by machine basting or gluing.
IF you would like to spray glue the foam to the fabric, please test it first on scrap foam and fabric.  Spray the glue to the foam (NOT the fabric) then carefully lay the fabric on the foam and smooth out the wrinkles.  Spray glue can stain the fabric if you are not careful, thus why testing it is 100% necessary.


The top panels will need to be spray glued on.  Make sure to iron your fabric perfectly flat.  Any wrinkles will be glued down.  You don’t want that.  You could machine baste these but only around the short sides and the curved side.  Don’t sew along the long straight edge as that will show on your final bag.


For all other exterior pieces that need foam, simply pin the foam on the exterior fabric and baste around at 1/4″ seam allowance.

IMG_3687Return tomorrow to sew the exterior!