Sofilantjes Iridis

The Sofilantjes Iridis is a fun and advanced beginner friendly woven OR knit wrap dress!

Once all cut, this dress comes together very quickly.  If you are using knit and have a serger, you simply just serge all the seams and wammalamadingdong, you’re done!  It took about 3 hours to cut and sew.  I’ll be honest, it took me longer than it probably should have to figure out how the pattern pieces go together in order to cut fabric.  All the TOP pieces are the first layer and the BOTTOM pieces are the third layer.  FRONT and BACK on the pattern pieces refer to left and right side of the wrapped dress.  Seems obvious now that I’ve made the dress!  I adore the results of the Iridis.  Can’t tell me she doesn’t look cute!



Beak down:

  1. Sizes: 12 months to 14 years
  2. Price: $8.95
  3. Different pattern pieces for woven and knit
  4. LOTS of diagrams: piece layout, cutting, sizing (in metric and imperial)
  5. How to sew binding instructions
  6. 3 Different instruction types (explanation below)
  7. Illustrations and pictures through instructions
  8. Instructions in Dutch and English

The Iridis has three different styles of instructions included.  First, there is a 7 page written and photo instruction set, like we usually see with pdf patterns.  Second, there is a written instruction only for woven and knit.  Lastly, there is a diagram only instruction set for woven and knit.  With the second and third style, you could just print the one page to keep with your pattern pieces-totally handy!


For Madeleine, I sewed up a knit version and embroidered a little kitty cat on it.  She, like most little girls, is completely obsessed with cats. I made size 3, as that is her normal size.  I thinks it’s a touch big but not much.  Size 2 would have fit her perfectly but of course with little growing room.  She will be able to wear this dress until the weather gets warm again. I do think the Iridis sizing chart is accurate, so be sure to cut the size according to your child’s measurements.


One more bit of information that I think is necessary to mention.  The woven pattern pieces alone are 39 pages to print and the knit patter pieces are 50 pages.  The PDF is layered so you can only print the size needed.  For size 3, I still printed 48 pages.

Sofilantjes has several other patterns as well. Be sure to check it out!  And see my review of one of my favorite shirts, the Sofilantjes Otium top!