Swoon Evelyn

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Less than a year ago, the Ali Cat family left beautiful Southern California for DC.  We thought we were going to live here for some time but after a mere 6 months, the permanent roommate and I decided DC just is not the place for us. I need sunshine everyday. We have spent this winter holed up in our house with few days of warmth and sun.  By some magical force in this world, Daddy Ali Cat was able to pick up a brand new Navy position in San Diego. Now we are moving back in June.  I could not be more thrilled and excited!

So what does that mean? I needed a new beach bag!

Swoon Sewing Patterns just released Evelyn.  Two sizes: handbag and tote (both sizes in one PDF).  I sewed up the Tote size.

Of course Swoon has the Sophia Beach Bag, which I have not made. BUT when Evelyn was announced, I thought she would be a great substitution!


Evelyn should be more fancy than my version.  I’ll tell you my mods in just a moment.
Evelyn has an overlay on the top of the bag (pic below).  I prefer the overlay.  It gives her some pizazz; something interesting to look at.  The space between the handle stripes is perfect for embroidery.  Hell, you could even leave off the handle stripes for a big blank canvas.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 06.53.03

My exterior fabric is…honestly I don’t know what it is.  It’s definitely a poly something or other but not laminate though it feels like PUL but definitely NOT PUL. I don’t know what the hell it is.  The colors bled when I used a hot iron and steam.  I was able to use a low heat without steam but it still didn’t like to be ironed.  The interior is PUL.  This way I can easily empty out sand and wipe out mustard or what not from those sandy picnics.

Evelyn is armed with an interior zipper pocket.  While I believe interior zips are always necessary on bags- FML for sewing one with PUL!  You can’t iron that shit! Mama Mia!


Finished Measurements:
Handbag: 12″ wide, 10.5″ tall, 4.5″ deep
Market Tote: 15″ wide, 13.5″ tall, 5.75″ deep

1 yard exterior fabric (1/2 yard for handbag)1 1/2 yards lining fabric (1 yard for handbag)
1/2 yard foam interfacing (Soft and Stable or Pellon Flex-Foam)
3 yards woven interfacing (2 yards for handbag-Pellon Shapeflex 101)
1/4 yard fusible stiff stabilized (Pellon Peltex 71F)
16″ or longer hand bag zipper (14″ for Handbag)
9″ all purpose zipper
4 1 1/2″ rectangle rings (1″ for handbag)

About 5 hours or so

3 out of 5

My changes:
I omitted the Peltex on the bottom so I could smoosh the bag down.  I also used Shapeflex and fusible fleece combination on the exterior fabrics rather than the foam, again for smooshing purposes.  I did NOT interface the PUL interior. Finally, I actually used Pellon Craftfuse 809 to interface the handles.  I wanted those to be stiff.

Evelyn is pretty psychedelic, eh? I look forward to taking her to the beach!


Tell me what you think about Evelyn!