Seamingly Smitten Riverwalk Sundress

 Need a new dress for a party tonight?
You grab your Seamingly Smitten Riverwalk Sundress pattern and get busy!
2.5 hours later you’ve finished making a smokin’ hot dress. Paint the barn (put on make up)
and you’re ready for your date.

The straps and waist elastic are optional.  I added a bit of lace to the straps for fun. I like fun.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  Actually, there are only 15 pages of instructions-yea the pattern is THAT fast to sew up.
Break it down
Time:  2.5 hours pattern print, cut, and sew
Sizes: XS to XXXL (0-26) with length options
Materials: 2ish yards.  More or less depending on size
3/4″ elastic (for bust) and 3/8″ elastic (optional for waist)
Difficulty: adventurous beginner
My Thoughts: I louvre this dress!  It’s comfortable and versatile.  You can totally jazz it up for a special occasion with silks, satins, tulle, or put add an underskirt for extra poof. Made with cotton, it’s a perfect everyday dress.  Who says you can’t look good while toting around babies?

The wrap belt came from Italy but the pattern does include instructions for sewing a sash.
The pattern also includes pockets.  Hey-O! I like pockets

This one is for the boys mens.