Scientific Seamstress Lace It Up


Scientific Seamstress’s March theme is “Lace It Up”.  Take any SisBoom/Scientific Seamstress pattern, add lace to it and enter on the Facebook page for a chance to win free patterns!

I accepted this fancy challenge and turned the Betsey apron into a yoga wrap skirt.


Yea, Betsey apron into yoga wrap skirt.  Genius! and Oh so Comfy!

betsey yoga1A













I sewed two layers together.  The bottom is a lovely pink t-shirt knit I picked up from the LA fashion district before we left Cali.  The top layer is a purple stretch lace, also from Michael Levine Loft in LA.  The ML outlet in LA is orgasmic.  Everything is sold by the weight.  I usually walked out of there with 25-30 yards of fabric for about $30.  I can’t wait to be back ‘home’!

Basically I extended the fold on the apron until it wrapped around from side to side. Then simply added a knit waistband.  Easy Peasy, Chips and Cheesy.

My new Betsey Apron Yoga Wrap Skit is pretty much the most comfortable thing I own.  Even more pleasant than leggings.

It’s quite difficult to take photos of myself but usually I get at least ONE decent full photo.  Not today.  When I realized that every single one sucked, I really didn’t want to try again.  Let me show ya what I ended up with.

betsey yoga collage












I tried to pose all sexy and model like.  Instead, I’m perpetually in search of something. But look at that cool skirt!

What is that magnificent shirt?
I’m so glad you asked!
This, my friends is Sewaholic Renfrew. The most awesome t-shirt pattern you could ever purchase.  AHH! A $16 paper patten? How dare you suggest that to me.  It’s worth every penny.  All 1600 of those pennies.  I’ll do a review of it later.

So…what do you think of the Betsey Apron Yoga Wrap Skirt? Leave a comment.  Let me know.  Good, bad, ugly?
betsey yoga2














Happy Sewing!