Swoon Sewing Patterns Rosie

I think it’s obvious that I’m obsessed with Swoon Sewing Patterns Bag Patterns.
This is my second Rosie bag.  
I thought Swoon Eleanor was my fav bag ever, but the 
Rosie might have topped out, for me anyway.  
Here is my first Rosie.
The main fabric is corduroy. The lining and flap accent is 
an old linen shirt from the hubby’s side of the closet.  
A few weeks ago, I was in a movie mood, but didn’t want to sit idle.  So I started embroidering a piece of denim while watching Skyfall.  I used ideas from Doodle Stitching (LOVE this book!).  I kept adding more pictures until I filled up the area.  Total, it took 8-9 hours or 4 movies.  Once it was completed, I knew it would be a perfect Rosie flap.

Looked through my solids stash and found all the colors of the rainbow.  Each exterior piece is a different color and the interior is solid yellow.  Yep, perfect!